Are you currently in grades 10 or 11 and interested in touring Greece during March Break 2022 with a 100% refund guarantee? Visit and look at tour #2348451ph. Current grade 9 and 10 students can check out tour # 2429265vk for 2023 also! Contact 
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Greetings and best wishes for a safe and healthy holiday season to all of our coaches, student-athletes and families from the Athletic Department at Northeast Kings Education Center. We are currently in quiet times athletically in hopes that things will look better for us in 
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Thank you to everyone who has been a true supporter for the NKEC Music Department during this rough time of Covid-19. We did receive our refund from the cancelled trip and hopefully another trip can be scheduled next year. Unfortunately, we have suspended our after 
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Welcome to December! It has been a unique journey since school started in September and I would like to express my gratitude to all our middle school families who provided immense support during our recent online learning. Recently, students received their term one report card. 
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The Christmas spirit is alive and well at our Northeast Kings Education Centre campus and surrounding communities. We see examples of students showing goodwill to each other, each and every day. The Student’s Council makes generous donations to the Food Bank and our Breakfast Program 
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We are so pleased that Public Health and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development has declared our school safe for all students to return, starting this past Monday, December 7. It was based on factors such as the overall public health status of 
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