Covid December Update

We are so pleased that Public Health and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development has declared our school safe for all students to return, starting this past Monday, December 7. It was based on factors such as the overall public health status of our school community and surrounding areas, contact tracing and other public health measures, as well as the deep cleaning processes that has taken place.

The measures we have in place for all students and staff have proven that what we are doing is working well. Public Health had requested almost 200 Covid tests be taken of our staff and students and only one came back positive. Wearing masks, washing and sanitizing hands frequently, disinfecting student desks and high contact places frequently, and physical distancing whenever possible have shown us that they are effective in preventing the spread of the virus.

Thank you for reinforcing with your child the importance of them wearing their mask and meeting all safety expectations we have for them while at our school. Thank you to all staff and students for supporting virtual learning at home during the eight days we had to close our doors to our students. We had a huge turnout of students with almost every student participating virtually! We had over 90% of our high school students participate in their e-learning time and about 75% of our Middle School students participating! That is quite the accomplishment!

We are proud of how our Titan family has helped each other get through these challenging days. Our teachers and support staff were so excited to have your child back in their seat on this week to teach and support them. I spoke to about 15 students and every one of them were so glad to be back in school. School is a place where students are to learn but also a place to socialize and grow as a young adult citizen.

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