2020 in Reflection

What started out as a fresh new calendar year quickly turned itself into one of the most challenging years over the past century. With a global pandemic on top of us, many things came to a grinding stop. We are typically very busy people trying to handle our health, our family, our careers and other responsibilities.

Our lives tend to be quite hectic throughout the year. Sometimes it can be quite overwhelming. All that changed on March 13, 2020 and we experienced an entirely different normal day. We were isolated, anxious, apprehensive and even scared of what was happening. We were forced to be alone, without friends, physical contact and socialization. It forced us to slow things down.

A positive of this experience is that it gave us time to reflect on what is truly important to us. To cherish those things and not take them for granted.

It is not over yet but we are seeing the proverbial light at the end of a tunnel with vaccines almost here. With the Kwanza, Christmas, and Hanukkah holidays rushing towards us, this year let’s take what we learned from our isolation and truly value what these celebrations are for. Celebrations of life and the thankfulness we should have for that. My advice for you this Holiday Season is to make some time to sit back, to relax, and to reflect on what is most important – your health, your family and your friends. This year’s celebrations will not be like last year’s due to our pandemic but take the time to share with others what you are grateful for and let them know the reasons for your gratefulness.



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May 2022